Stats are rolled as normal +1 dice.
Drop the lowest number dice.

Use the following for extra dice.

Number of Dice Bonus Range
1 6(dice-0)
2 11-12(dice-2)
3 16-18(dice-3)
4 21-24(dice-4)
5 26-30(dice-5)
6 31-36(dice-6)
7+ ect ect

The range is equal to the maximum result minus the number of dice being rolled for the attribute for the low end (remember that the counting starts at the maximum result), and the high end being the maximum result.

Note that some RCCs list attribute dice with a static bonus, such as 2d6+6. In these cases, to see if an attribute roll gets a bonus die then roll the dice as you normally would without the bonus. Look up the bonus range above, and if applicable, apply the bonus die, continue until the maxium result is allowed, example 2d6+6 would get a max of 2 bonus dice. Apply the static bonus after the final result.

Reroll 1s: players reroll 1s when they are rolling attributes during character creation, this applies to all dice rolls. If you roll another 1 roll it again. If you get all 2's… well sometimes things just don't go the right way.

Extra Dice, Drop the Lowest: add one more of the same die type to your dice poll when rolling for attributes. Drop the lowest die (be sure to reroll 1s before you drop any dice).

Uses Human as the base line: Optional
High Attributes: 16+ for normal creatures are considered to be athletic or prime human. Many Heros fall into this range.
Average Attributes: 10-15 are the norm, you see these stats in the day to day individuals.
Below Average Attributes: 7-9 are below the norm, but are still productive individuals.
Attributes below 6: these characters are usually handicapped in some way being either mentally or physically frail.

Players who roll low stats for their may choose to scrap the whole set and start over. However….

Bonus to Compensate for a Low Attribute:
1 Attribute of 7 or lowers, BEFORE modifiers, add 1d4+3 to 1 attribute. Even if this pushes the attribute into the extra dice range you do not get a bonus dice.

2 or more Attributes of 7 or lower, BEFORE modifiers, add 1d4+5 to 1 attribute and add +3 to another or give the character a +2 to Perception. Even if this pushes the attribute into the extra dice range you do not get a bonus dice.

RCC Note: For non-humans use common sense and check with the GM before adding in numbers.

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