Holding Actions and Instant Actions

*Under construction…. yet another of the experimental rules.

Ok having given this some thought, actually quite a bit of thought.

Holding Actions:

A player can choose to hold a single action to use as a reaction to another character, but only 1 action per initiative phase, if the character is choosen then the person holding the action can act before the person going if the target is not choosen then they go just after the person they're reacting to.

Aka: A Coalition trooper with a rifle has a pretty good hunch that one of the adventurers is a magic user, but he doesn't know which one. However he's going to hold 1 of his actions looking for the target. He'll still be able to spend that other action (remember 2 actions per phase) on whatever he wants.

Mage X starts to cast his spell, it's not that big just a simple firbolt. He gets the spell off but then gets shot because the CS soldier was waiting to see who was going to cast. Now he knows.

Next round of combat, that same soldier knows who the magic user is. This time he's ready for him. When the Mage begins casting the Soldier knows it and puts a bolt of laser fire into the mage.

Instant Actions, this is a little weirder so we'll see how people like it.

Instant actions are just that. All players get a free instant action per action phase (every 2 actions they get an instant action). Instant actions are things like shouting a single word like "Grenade!", leaping out of the way of the speeding train or hitting the ground with you hear a loud booming sound. These are snap or instant actions. They're not always useful but they add a bit of flare and don't always use up an action for when you want to get that quip of "Hasta la vesta!" when you shot the cyborg in the head kind of moment.

Another example of an instant action is with trained people. People who are trained to recognize things like a fist held up means stop.
Example: A CS patrol is creeping through the woods when the leader/scout/commander spots something dangerous and uses an action to alert his team. His fist goes up and the rest of the team can use an instant action to stop what they're doing and wait for their commander to give the all clear.

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