MDC/SDC by Location

Do not use this for existing MDC structures/characters where MDC by location has already been determined (such as the various Bots from RIFTS or body armor). This mostly applies for inorganic MDC structures / beings such as characters.

Normally Organic Beings, humans, dragons, elves and demon lords don't have SDC/MDC locations. The only real exceptions being Robots and individuals with Bionic Implants. However I believe that these rules can add a bit more 'spice' to a game.

This method is usually only used for when an item has only a single number, such as you would find in older books or in the case of the SAMAS and many power armors were an armor value for the lower arms is missing entirely.

The method to determine MDC by Location is as follows: Example uses a genaric 100 MDC suit of body armor.

Main Body = 100% of value of total MDC


Head/Helm = 40% of value of total MDC


Arm (each) = 30% of value of total MDC


Leg (each) = 40% of value of total MDC


Lower Forearm (each) = 75% of Arm MDC


Hands (each) = 75% of Arm MDC


Feet (each) = 35% of Leg MDC


Note: Always round DOWN.

Exceptions: Exceptions to these rules are devices/magic that make use of Force Fields or Magic Armor. Locations for such do no exist as damage is spread throughout the entire surface area.

If the new value is better then the printed value, please use the new value. If the old value is better please use the older values.

If a value is missing, please add the new value in at the calculated value.

MDC Repair Notes: an Upper and Lower Arm on the same arm, included the hand) is treated as one unit for the purpose of repair – the total MDC used will be the Upper Arm MDC. The same holds true for the Leg and Foot, in this case only the Leg MDC is used. Every 1 MDC repaired on an Arm will also repair 1 MDC on the lower arm as well as hand, and every 1 MDC repaired on a Leg will also repair the foot by the same amount.

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