Multi Classing

Once upon a time Palladium had rules for Multiclassing. I am aware of what those rules were. Scrap them. The outline here is how to actually perform multiclassing.

First, some prerequisites for multiclassing:

• Must first advance past level one in their current O.C.C./R.C.C./P.C.C. (hereafter shortened to just “OCC”).

• Character must meet the requirements of the new OCC. However, special cases may be made for special circumstances (i.e.: Ley Line Walker who got too many bionics and forced to become Borg OCC).

• The new O.C.C. must not conflict with the first one unless the campaign story/plot allows it at the time. For example, no Coalition SAMAS pilots who also are Battle Magi (unless they've left the Coalition and are not going back).

• The new OCC must not be closely related to existing OCCs (i.e.: Ley Line Walker and Ley Line Rifter). The various Men of Arms OCCs are exempt from this (i.e.: it certainly is possible to be a Robot Pilot and a Power Armor pilot multiclass).

• The character must then start to learn the new OCC up until level two of the new OCC if the new OCC is not magical and/or psychic in nature (aka if the class is another Men of Arms OCC). If not, then the level needed is equal to level three (Men of Magic, Psychics, etc). During this time the character is considered level zero for the new OCC. Keep track of XP for this level zero separately – do not add it to you total XP.

• The character is allowed to use his skills and abilities from his other OCC(s) without restriction.

• See below on how to incorporate new skills, PPE, ISP, etc. from the new class.

Once the level zero is completed the character loses the XP earned during that time. However, any XP earned from here on in will be added to the character’s new total for that OCC. Please keep separate XP totals for each OCC.

The character is considered level one in the new class. Use the appropriate XP table. However, the actual amount needed for a new level increases: add +50% for each OCC beyond the first to calculate the new total, round up. All XP tables for the character increase by this amount – even the original OCC.

New Skills, PPE, ISP, etc…

All Palladium characters are given all of their initial abilities at creation – or level one. Multiclass characters cannot simply add new skills and totals to their preexisting totals with no regard. Here is how to incorporate the new OCC gains:

• New bonuses from the OCC (i.e.: dodge, perception, etc) are compared to the existing OCC bonuses. If any of the new bonuses are higher than the existing ones then add the difference to the character. Do not subtract existing bonuses from the character, however. This includes OCC skill bonuses.

• Bonus SDC, Hit Points, or MDC are added to the character. If the character changes from an SDC creature to that of an MDC creature, then simply make that change to MDC – do not track both types of DC.

• Each level the character gains the usual HP gains.

• If the character’s existing PPE is smaller than the new OCC’s PPE then use the new PPE total (you may have to roll the PPE to find out).

• The same step above goes for ISP totals, as well as other types but only if used (i.e.: Chi)

• The character gets all the OCC Skills given by the OCC. The character does not receive OCC Skill selections as per a level one character, however! They do gain OCC Selections for later levels as usual. The same holds true for Secondary skills. This based on the Level of the Class not the Level of the Character.

• If any new skills exist for the character then the skill gets a level increase.

• If the new OCC gives new OCC skills that already exist as Secondary skills, then those skills are upgraded to OCC skills. A number of new empty slots for Secondary skills then become available and the player may select new skills to fill in those slots. These new skills start at level one as usual.

• If the new OCC gets the same Hand to Hand as an existing OCC, then that Hand to Hand gains a level increase. The same goes for Weapon Proficiencies.

• Different Hand to Hand types from the new OCC are considered null and void.

• New spell selections are based on the class. If Joe the Fusionist/Ley Line Walker advances his Fusionist class then he picks spells from the Fusionist lists and not the Ley Line Walker list. However Joe the Fusionist/Ley Line Walker will be able to learn new spells that he buys however he can only do so for his Ley Line Walker class.

• New Psionic abilities follow the same selection guideline as above. Note that the selections are also dependant on psychic categories.

• No skills or abilities is ever frozen (the original multiclass rule had this feature). They advance as usual when the class advances.

• The character gains all the usual benefits when they gain levels in any of their new OCCs. Remember the rules above for incorporating bonuses and other details as described above.

Assigning Earned XP to OCC Totals: The player has the option of placing all of his earned XP into one OCC at a time, or splitting up his total among his OCCs and potentially advancing multiple OCCs at roughly the same time.

Level Advancement: The character is free to switch from any of his existing OCCs from level to level (as a “Primary” OCC) or he is free to mix and match as s/he sees fit.

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