Note 1: Humans: Humans (including Cyborgs, Partial Conversion Cyborgs, Crazies and Juicers) get 2 extra starting OOC Related skills at first level.

Non-humans such as Dog Boys, Psi-Stalkers, D-Bees, non-human version of the Cyborg, Crazies or Juicer and super humans (aka Hero’s Unlimited style characters) don’t get this bonus because they have inherent bonuses, such as attribute bonuses, extra senses and/or powers that a normal human just doesn’t have.

Note 2: All characters get 1 extra skill at even number levels, in addition to what the OOC gives.

Example +1 skill at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, all skills start at Level 1 proficiency.

Note 3: Diplomacy is a communications skill. Anthropology does pretty much the same thing, but I’m putting a straight Diplomacy style skill in to avoid confusion. This doesn’t mean you get to just make a roll and go by just that. I’d like some inter-action between the NPC and the player to make it more interesting all around.

Note 4: Skills. If it says ‘None’ or gives only 1 or 2 skills from a group you can take, you may take skills from those groups but they cost double. So instead of spending 1 skill slot on Electrical Engineer Stick the Crazy must spend two.

Example:Stick the Crazy
Level 1
OCC Related skills: 7 to start, however since Stick is human he gets an extra 2 skills. So his OOC Related skills at Level 1 start at 9 skill slots.

Now Stick likes sticks… what a surprise. However he thinks horses are just neat and wants to learn Trick Riding from the Cowboy skill group. However the Cowboy group says None for skills, but Stick REALLY wants trick riding. Now Stick has a problem, Trick Riding has a requirement skill he has to know how to ride a horse, or monster, before he can learn Trick Riding. So Stick decides horses are kind of lame and boring, but monsters, well that’s just neat… especially since there are monsters out there made from STICKS! So Stick takes Horsemanship: Exotic.Taking both of those skills uses up 4 slots, 2 for Horsemanship: Exotic and then another 2 for Trick Riding, now Stick has 5 more slots he can fill up with other skills. Like Creative Writing for his Stick Bible, don’t ask, long story.

So Sticks OOC Related skill selection looks like this so far.
1. Horsemanship: Exotic
2. Horsemanship: Exotic
3. Trick Riding
4. Trick Riding

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