Starting Numbers

When rolling for other attributes such as PPE, SDC, MDC, HP, ISP, Nano-Bonding ect ect, there can be a wide variation between starting amounts from character to character even within the same class. To ensure that the PCs are the best of the best, after all they ARE Heros,we're going to House Rule a few things.

If you have a dice pool (aka: you roll more then 1 dice) assume that all of the dice - except one - are maximum results. For example, a 3d6 roll would assume that the first two d6 rolled are both 6s. You would still roll the last d6.

In the event that you should be rolling dice*X, then this is how it is handled:

x2 to x9: assume all but the last x1 is maximum value, then roll for the last x1. Add that result to the max value.
x10: assume a result as if you rolled 1 less than maximum. Add a d10 roll to the value.
x20: similar to the x10 above, but in this case your are rolling a d20 to add to the value.
x50: again, similar to the method of x10, except that you are adding the value of half a d100 roll (round up).
x100: similar to the x10 method, but you are adding the value of a d100 to the maximum value.

Some exceptions are outlined below:

Maximum HPs for level 1. This applies to SDC/HP creatures only.

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