Weapons and Armor

Weapons and armor:

Ok I will be using the burst fire rules from the book, as they are stated. Meaning if it says it can burst then it can if it says it can’t then it can’t.

That being said all the weapons in the books are the stock versions. They can be modified if people so wish, but most of the time you’ll see just the stock versions of the weapons.

Now for the more interesting bits and pieces that all players love, the Quality of weapons.

Stock is just that, stock run of the mill mass produced type of weapon.

Now there are several levels of quality for weapons, I’m using Master Worked rules from D20 for these.

Level 1: +1 to strike and damage
Level 2: +2 to strike and damage
Level 3: +3 to strike and damage
Custom: +1 to strike and damage

Levels 1-3 are not cumulative. Only Level modification and Custom are cumulative.

Yes that means if you get a +3 weapon and customize it just for you it effectively becomes a +4 weapon. However there is a drawback…. Isn’t there always?

Customized weapons are customized for a single user, if anyone else were to use a customized laser pistol they would lose the bonus to strike and damage and be at an additional -2 to strike until the weapon could be re-customized to the new user.

Level 1 will cost double (x2) the stock price.
Level 2 will cost triple (x3) the stock price.
Level 3 will cost quadruple (x4) the stock price.
Customized is double whatever level you get want the weapon constructed at.
Re-Customization is a flat 5,000 credit cost.

Example: Stick wants L2 customized vibro-swords. He wants them to look like sticks.
So a single short vibro-sword costs 9,000 credits. Stick is fine with this and he wants them at Level 2. So L2 is 27,000 (9,000x3) credits and custom is 54,000 (27,000x2) credits. That’s a hunk of change for poor broke Stick but he gets the money and has his customized weapons in hand.

So now Sticks stick looking vibro-swords are now customized to him and have the following stats:
Custom Vibro-sword: Damage: 2d4+3 MDC and +3 to strike.

Armor, armor works a little bit differently then weapons do. Costs are still the same however. The customization and levels of quality can also be applied to power armor and small vehicles, no bigger than a tractor trailer rig, but not robots or robot vehicles they’re just too big.

Level 1: +10% to total armor value on all locations, round down.
Level 2: +15% to total armor value on all locations, round down.
Level 3: +20% to total armor value on all locations, round down.
Custom: -15% to any prowl/skill or movement penalty.

Levels 1-3 are not cumulative. Only Level modification and Custom are cumulative.

For armor customized armor brings with it a special kind of problem. Only the person it was designed to be worn by can use it.

Re-customization of armor costs as much as the armors base price.

Stick is looking for some decent armor… he’s mugged Vorden the Mind Melter while he was sleeping and has a lot of spare cash now, even after getting his nifty stick looking neural maces. Now he wants armor to go along with it.

Stick likes the Plastic-Man body armor. It’s got a slick look and can have a stylish stick paint job.

Now stick wants his armor to be special like he is. I told you he was Crazy didn’t I?

Stick wants his armor to be stylish and surprising, much like he is to people. So he decided that he can spend a lot of money on a slick ride for his body and goes for all the extras. He wants the L3 extra armor and the customization feature to make it move oh so nicely when he’s chasing someone around.

Now Plastic-Man armor costs 18,000 credits.
MDC is:
Helmet: 30
Main Body: 35
Arms: 15/15
Legs: 22/22
Weight 13lbs
-10% movement penalty

Now the cost is 72,000 (18,000x4) with the custom fitting that brings the cost to 144,000 (72,000x2).

The Plastic-Man armor now has the following profile.
Cost: 144,000 credits
Helmet: 36
Main Body: 42
Arms: 18/18
Legs: 26/26
-0% movement penalty

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